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Annual Valentines Party

Feb 16 2002


This year, the Young Married Couples Cell Group hosted the Annual LHC Valentines Party for married couples. The night's entertainment included "The NOT-SO Newlywed Game", a slide show of all the couples, dinner complete with pecan crusted chicken and grilled pork, renewal of vows, and a different "twist," dancing! Couples danced to Christian music and golden oldies.

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The gala began at 7pm (Filipino Time) with the program starting off with the paper plate game and "mingle mingle." Over 25 prizes were given away in both games and raffles throughout the night.

This year's Valentines shindig took place at the Embassy Suites on I-10/410. Exactly 50 couples attended the event.

Pastors Bob and Suk renew their wedding vows as Pastors Joe and Rose lead the ceremony.

Besides dance contests, couples also participated in "the newspaper game." Rules prohibited couples from having their feet touch the dancefloor once the music stopped. After the music stopped, sheets of newspaper were folded in half. Here, the Roynons manage to keep their feet solely on the newspaper.

As couples arrived, they unknowingly posed for slide show pictures that were later shown during dinner. Here the Bro Cesar asks Sis Mel to be his valentine.

Bro Max and Sis Elena smile after a fulfilling dinner.

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