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June 2001
August 2001


August Newsletter
Frontier Footprints in the Sand

Hello from the troubled Philippines, where kidnaping for ransom is not uncommon!

The Casey's are doing fine. Betty's health is improving after some heart problems in May & Jun of this year.

Chris & Hannah are productively engaged in their school work here in Puerto Princesa City, 200 Kms north of where Betty is ministering with our tribal pastors and children street ministry in Brooke's Point.

We decided some time ago that we should try harder to secure a better educational standard for Chris & Hannah, which we are doing now. The problem is we live away from Betty, but see her a couple days each week. Not idea, but workable. We are being driven by what a Missionary Mom said to us in Aug 1999. She said they have never regretted sacrificing for their children's education! This got burned into our hearts and we are willing to follow her counsel even though it is hard at times.

Martin & Gracia Burnham, two American New Tribes Missionaries, are still being held hostage since their 27 May 2001 abduction just 15 Kms north from where I (Rick) am writing to you. The US Embassy in Manila said their hands are tied politically and can do nothing to help free them! They are in day 69 as hostages.

Betty will be attending with our Philippine Director of Frontier Mission the International Frontier Mission Leadership Team (IFMLT) meeting this month in Tel Aviv, Israel. Leaders in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) from all over the world will be attending to discuss evangelism and church planting among the unreached peoples of the world, primarily in & around the Indian Ocean Gateway and inside the 10/40 Window!


1. The release of Martin & Gracia Burnham from their Muslim captors.

2. For Betty's health to continue to improve and for her F/U appointment with her Cardiologist in the next week to go well.

3. Betty's trip to the YWAM IFMLT meeting 21-26 Aug 2001.

4. Our family, ministry work and our teenager's schooling.

5. The political, economic, and social bondage here in the Philippines to be broken. The Philippines is the only Christian nation in this region, but there are many internal problems within this country.

May God Continue To Bless and Protect You!

In Christ's Love,

Betty, Rick, Chris, & Hannah